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What is a Fine Art Replica?

The term Replica indicates that something is done anew. This is not meant here. Original works of art cannot be done anew at all. The whole process of painting, for example, cannot be redone. Any copy will look different, even if done by the same master.

At Art Quarter, we define a Replica to be a reproduction with the original in mind. Unlike a poster, print material is chosen to best represent original linen or board, dimensions are exactly like the original.

I don't know of any place offering something like this. Imagine a large painting. You can have a poster, void of the volume and space the original offers. Remember Art Journal 1.1?
The painting selected is named Bathsheba, located today in Paris, Louvre, done 1654, sized 142*142cm or 56*56". It is important to imagine the size of a work. You will never get the impression of the original if you look at a reproduction on the screen or in a book. Imagine the room, too, that this painting demands, the distance you will keep, how you feel when approaching very near, what the impression might be when seen from some distance.

Now imagine having a poster of that painting. Can this poster possibly give you the impression of the original? Size is important. To give you another example:

Max Beckmann, 2nd triptych, TemprationStephan Lackner bought the second triptych from Max Beckmann 1938 and put it in a room where he had to place the wings in 45 degree angle to the middle plate, the triptych standing on the floor, reaching to the ceiling. He sat there sometimes in the middle meditating on life (quoted from his autobiography).

You can't have that with a poster. But you can have it with a Replica. Also, a Replica is limited to 10 and, of course, signed by the artist. It is a reproduction to size.

Replicas sold in museums are usually gifts disregarding size and detail. Nofretete as ash tray. Sometimes replicas are really fascinating. Conservation needs will replace many originals by replicas to save the former.

Early this year I was in Munich. Strolling through an old quarter, I saw a jeweler's windows in an old house. He had two replicas of woman idols from Turkey, no price attached. I went in.

Turned out they were not replicas but originals at $ 850. I was stunned. I didn't have them 850 bucks, but I was surprised that you can even buy originals 6000 years old at this price. Well, I could not check it. He offered an expertise, but was pleased I recognized them anyway. He loved them, too.

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