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What is a Fine Art Poster?

Art Quarter invented Fine Art Posters to offer low cost original reproduction at poster prices.

Well, there is not one price for a poster to copy from, but you know what the intention is. You can buy posters at $5 somewhere, but if you want to buy a reproduction of a piece of art not printed and sold in the millions like Donald Duck, you got to spend some more. But not too much. :-)

To keep things manageable and attractive, we limited the edition to only 100 per work. Also, the artist will sign the poster (with a dedication to you, if you like. Add it with your order.).

Made for you
So this specific print will be made for you personally. Digital print techniques make this possible. Also, you can choose between 4 different sizes: A3 to A4.

  • A0 = 84*118,8 cm /  33x47"
  • A1 = 59,4*84 cm /  23x33"
  • A2 = 42*59,4 cm /  16x23" 
  • A3 = 29,7*42 cm /  11x16"

Imagine this: A small painting blown up to A0 size. Or a large painting like a triptych shrunk to A3 to fit to the wall behind your desk.

You can have them framed, too. Just give us a hint and we will negotiate about style, size and price. Framing is another art, we won't do this ourselves. Our frameshop is good at it.

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