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Watching success

on Art

1998, Year 1
No. 5, Aug 20

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Dear Partners:

I am embarrassed to have to repeat my first sentence from last week:
I wanted to insert our new artist Tina Tacke and add more works of Anne Stahl and Robert Schaefer, but somehow I drowned in promotional work.

Things speed up
Things speed up | Supplying your ID | Promoting revisited | Sponsoring

Apparently something went quite wrong. I spent a considerable amount of money for Corey Rudl's Marketing Secrets, and one of his many helpful advices is: Automate everything. I did not take this advice as serious as I should. I had to pay the price. As subscribers kept pouring in, work piled up. I hope I fixed it now. Watching success keep you busy. Or watching success keeps you busy? Anyway, success seems to come.

Friday I set up my ezines with OneList. Saturday I worked out proceedings to change from manual handling to OneList procedures. Sunday night I awoke and went to work, setting up autoresponders. Monday morning I tested again, the subscription process with OneList was too difficult and cumbersome. Then I tried FindMail and some others, finally shifted the ezines to FindMail. Subscription with FindMail is just a blank email to makelist.com with the appropriate address. I hope we will be happy with them.

Supplying your ID
Things speed up | Supplying your ID | Promoting revisited | Sponsoring

Today I found a simple solution for subscribing the visitors that you supply. Remember, I have to tie your visitor to your name or rather ID. So it is fine if visitors subscribe themselves with FindList not bothering me, but it won't work if they come from you. I have to catch them first. And I thought I had to subscribe them manually at FindList. Tedious this would have been again.

Now to prevent people from subscribing the old way keeping me busy, I had to change all pages with the subscription code. It reads something like this now: mailto:mmart-subscribe@makelist.com instead of mailto:mma@art-quarter.com?subject=subscribeMMA. If you copy one of these pages for your own use, be careful: You got to send it to art-quarter.com, not to makelist.com, with your ID added in the subject field! You could put it in he to: field as well, so the address might be mailto:12345@art-quarter.com?subject=subscribeMMA. In any case, I will find your number and initiate the final subscription.

Promoting revisited
Things speed up | Supplying your ID | Promoting revisited | Sponsoring

Advertising works, there are more than 40 affiliates already, and there will be more as we move on. I wrote an article to be printed in newsletters, resulting in free advertising, and it was printed once already and will be another time.

Robert Schaefer promoted 2 photos with Art Xpo and sold one. I applied for their award and suggested using my ezines. Saturday, Olga Romano from Art Xpo announced the award. I put up an awards page.

Somebody suggested translating all pages to Japanese to target the Japanese market. Of course, there would be a fee, which makes it unfeasible at the time being. The proposed postcards are being tested. And, as you can see from the layout of this ezine, I learnt a lot promoting my own services.

I changed the name, too, from Making Money on Art to Marketing Musings on Art. New-List did most for promoting the other ezines and refuses to promote Making Money on Art. The moderator promotes all kinds of ezines on biz opportunities, so I guess he dislikes the title. Let's see if it helps.

Besides, other people got problems, too. OneList did not accept new lists for several weeks, FindMail was dead yesterday. Today my incoming mail server geocities keeps telling me that there is no new mail (average 100 per day) if I get connected at all. Funny feeling being cut off. Success can obviously kill you, if you don't watch. Good to be on a different server for outgoing mail, so I can send you this.

Things speed up | Supplying your ID | Promoting revisited | Sponsoring

I tried to get my subscribers accept advertising using the soft approach, and it worked. I have offers to swap ads with magazines having 14,000, even 25,000 subscribers. Well, I can't check if it's true. I will try the next week. So far, I have promoted Robert. Since many of my photos were chosen for the postcards, I took a photo of mine for today's Daily Drawing ad. This is my new approach:

Please honor our sponsors ...



by Robert A. Schaefer Jr., Gallery Daguerre at Art Quarter

Werner Stürenburg

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