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Good news

Making Money on Art

1998, Year 1
No. 2, Jul 30

Hope This Works for You!

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Dear Partners:

Things begin to develop. Good and other news. I structured the information this time:

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Other news first: Nobody of you did respond to the first letter. How come? I need your help! Hence I am going to push this a little further on my own.


Journals | Affiliate Programs | Artists and Galleries | Facelift | Offline Promotion | Sales Information

I announced all journals at the New List Server on Saturday, July 18. Next Monday the first subscriptions for Art Journal poured in. When I started the first issue on Thursday, I had 60 subscribers. Now I got 75. (See issues at Art Journal)

I wondered why the others did not get any subscribers. The success of Art Journal and some discussion in another art list let me invent another Journal: Pablo - the Louvre Test. I set up the first two issues at Pablo Journal.

July 25, I found out that they dropped the others, hence I announced the rest. Monday the first subscriptions for the Daily Drawing poured in. They had dropped the rest again. I guess the machine drops all messages with the same sender by default. Today, I have 53 subscribers for DD and some problems, too.

It turned out that the mail program of Microsoft, Internet Mail, does not deliver real html mail. They only format text accordingly. It just looks ugly. The first 10 readers unsubscribed. (Which means I had more than 60 already.) I set up a second list to cope with that. Maybe some will resubscribe. (Some did!) New subscribers will be informed to give notice. The first 8 issues can be seen at Daily Drawing.

Affiliate Programs

Journals | Affiliate Programs | Artists and Galleries | Facelift | Offline Promotion | Sales Information

These days, information about affiliate programs abounds.

Cit. 1: Virtual Promote Gazette, Joe Haedrich, President, Web Cards, Inc.: [...] Our affiliates bring us more than 100 leads per day which account for more than half of our new clients. [...] About 10% of our partners account for 90% of the commissions which can exceed $500 a month for better sites. [...] Web Cards has been growing by more than 25% per month over the past 18 months-much of it thanks to our affiliate program.

Cit. 2: LE Digest #392, Richard Hauf, President, ShopSafe: [...] We highly recommend the use of affiliate programs to our clients as the growth of these programs across the internet continues to explode. As an example, on AShoppingGuide, our affiliate sites are rewarded with a 15% commission for every merchant listing that they sell. In terms of real dollars, our affiliate sites are earning up to $150 for each and every sale. Without a doubt, this is one of the most effective types of marketing available today. [...]

Cit. 3: I-Sales Digest #693, Will Lockler, Professional and Individual Tax Preparation and E-Filing Systems: [...] we ran a pilot affiliate program for the new online system. One of the features of the affiliate program allowed the affiliates to vary the price charged for services. All the affiliates sold exactly the same product delivered by the same system. Some for more. Some for less. Of all the sites, two did 80% of the business, splitting that amount roughly in half. You would not be surprised to find these two to be the best developed, best positioned, most informative sites out of the group. What might be surprising is that they were on opposite ends of the price scale. One had the lowest price and the other, the absolute highest, the lowest being nearly half the highest. Being a pilot program, our numbers were small, but in the thousands of units, so they should be statistically significant. Our take on this is that information that develops and enhances the relationship with the customer is more important than information in the comparative shopping category. [...]

Also, I got a letter from Marilyn Strong, a famed English internet consultant. She promotes a painter planning an affiliate program for him and wanted to know how we do it. I referred her to MMA no.1, to which she responded: [...] Looks like you are on the right track. Now, like everyone else I suppose, it's time to find people who will become affiliates. I hope you are successful. [...]

BTW, did you realize that you can make 5% on every sale an affilate does that you engage?

Artists and Galleries

Journals | Affiliate Programs | Artists and Galleries | Facelift | Offline Promotion | Sales Information

A mall with just one gallery and a gallery with just one artist is kind of funny. There were two photographers asking for participation. I did not think of photography, but then I liked the idea. We have to negotiate pricing, delivering, guarantee etc., but things are well under way. In the meantime I invented Gallery Daguerre, featuring photographs. As a photographer, I took the well known artist joe, who quickly supplied two photos to see how it could work. Well, I do like it. What do you think? I will set up a new journal on photography also, Robert Schaefer will participate actively.

A sculptor from Australia sent me a letter. I knew his site before, maybe he will participate, too. To start things, I invented Gallery Clay, featuring sculptures, and being in need of a sculptor, I was backed up by .. well, joe, who supplied some of his. Now again, I like it so far.

To be more serio If you know of someone that could fit into that scheme, let me know. I definitely want to put up a high quality mall of fine art filled with content. We are all bound to have great success!


Journals | Affiliate Programs | Artists and Galleries | Facelift | Offline Promotion | Sales Information

Look at the entry page: I added pictures. Text loads fast, so you see text first, only a glimpse of the picture. In the future, I plan to change this large picture on a daily basis. Next comes a row of thumbs, to give all the future galleries a chance to be on the first page. The visitor will see different pictures every time he comes back.

Then I added pictures to the Quarter page. Now this looks better, with 3 galleries in place! All the other sites have been enhanced with pictures, too. The journals appear on this page with a picture. And there is a free for all links page.

Offline Promotion

Journals | Affiliate Programs | Artists and Galleries | Facelift | Offline Promotion | Sales Information

Today, I got the following message from a friend: [... I have lectured ...] in Marketing (Arts Marketing, which includes museums, and International Marketing, which includes Mercedes Benz) [...] I shall revisit your excellent site today. The evidence is that you CAN sell via the internet, I am sure that you will be successful but wonder whether you should not also have a press campaign to back up your site so that people discover your site? I know that we can find sites with search engines but we also need to know that yours is the one we should go to first? [...] You bet I was happy with that! I thought about it, too, but with a little help from our friends, we'll certainly make it.

Sales Information

Journals | Affiliate Programs | Artists and Galleries | Facelift | Offline Promotion | Sales Information

I fear I have to supply you with some examples at least to see how an artwork can be promoted. Tell me if I'm right! Which artwork am I to write about first? I'll do some homework then to supply you with content to make your site informative and good selling. For today, this should do. It's your turn now. I will hear how you are doing with all this. I need feedback desperately. Don't let me down.

Werner Stürenburg

PS: FYI I include the banners of Ted here.

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PPPS: Next week the first of our paid ads will appear in Jim Daniels famous BizWebGazette: "Your ad has been scheduled to be placed in the August 7th through August 28th issues."

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