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617, with an angel

Joe's Daily Drawing

1998, Year 1
No. 32 Aug 26

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617, with an angel


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Yesterday we were in a crowd, today, another few numbers back in time, we face two guys up front. The painting is mid sized, 38x57", so the faces are more than lifesize. Colors are a bit too warm from my old scanner, ought to do it anew but ain't got the time. Anyway, colors are a problem, not only on a monitor, in books, too, and we still improve. I always wonder how beautifully it can be done today, and how cheap it is. Take any book from the 50ies, colors are just funny, and back in the 30ies everything was black and white only. We do live in a great time.

Obviously the man at right is the hero, the other being related to him. If you see lots of my paintings, you will observe that these heroes are often blondes, like Siegfried. I am not blonde, well, I was before schooling, then became dark brown, then near black, now grey. Obviously this is not a self portrait then, but it is an image of my self considering that these pictures might best be looked at like dreams. The other person, being me again in this reading, is rather an angel than a hero, a person trying to assist the helpless with energy, confidence and advice. It is a being living closer to the divine source, innocent and not bound to make experiences in this world of extremes.

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There are several paintings of this type. For 271a there is a nice anecdote. In the mid-eighties, I had connection to a gallerist. His manager started to sell my paintings, and he did quite well.

But soon things went wrong, the manager was accused fraud, and got fired. It turned out that he had taken three of my paintings back from customers to sell them paintings by another artist. The owner asked me if I would swap three smaller paintings to this one. I agreed.

Whenever I came to that city, I strolled the street of the gallery and often saw my painting hanging in the back clearly visible from the street. Once it hung in the front room, flanked by lots of small works of famous colleagues which could hardly be appreciated from outside. They all got big labels easily read from a distance, whereas mine had a small label. But this painting clearly stood apart and had no problems with the works of the famous guys. But it did not sell.

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After nearly 10 years I came along again and thought I'd ought to enter to say hello. The salesperson approached me and greeted me by name. Imagine my surprise! When asked where she knew me from she told me: "Well, sure I know you from the catalogue!" I asked for my painting and she told me it was sold not long ago. At this moment the owner entered. A young couple had got their first job as designers in Frankfurt, came back to the city of their studies and bought this painting. He added: "The postponed their first Porsche for a little!" Finally I asked him if he had made a nice profit at least after having had this one for such a long time, and he reassured me that he was totally content. Fine. Maybe I'll meet the owners some day.

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