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Joe's Daily Drawing

1998, Year 1
No. 24 Aug 15

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The Portrait of a Woman


Carol ... Here I am ... Can we meet ...

by Robert A. Schaefer Jr., Gallery Daguerre at Art Quarter


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In February 1983, I had my first exhibition. Right in a Museum. Great start. One man show. Wasn't meant that way, but the other artist did not want to show with an "amateur", so I got my own. Even hung too narrow, so it was no problem for me to fill all the rooms. The director wanted to buy a painting, too. A drawing would have been priced right, but unfortunately be lost in a drawer. It had to be a painting. The painting chosen was too expensive. So the above was second choice, the deal was made perfect. My first painting in the posession of a museum. One single large head, 39x58". Not too enigmatic. No complicated story. Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Dueren, Germany.

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