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Joe's Daily Drawing

1998, Year 1
No. 23 Aug 14

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Imagine this hanging on your wall!

Stone ... Glaciers ... Eternity ...

by Anne Stahl, Gallery Beck at Art Quarter

Something new! A sculpture, animated gif. Open the image in your browser if it does not move. It's a slide show, showing the sculpture from different sides.

Normally, sculptures are shown from one side only. That's bad. After all, it's a 3 dimensional thing. When Michelangelo discovered the famous antique sculpture "Laokoon and his children" ,people discussed it very controversial. It is best seen from one side only, from the front, and it can be argued if it is rather a relief than a sculpture. A sculpture ought to have interesting views from all angles.

Often sculptures are placed in a corner of the room, to be seen from the "best side". Only once I saw a sculpture mounted on a socle to be turned by the visitor, it must have been in Antibes, France, in a Picasso museum. I knew this sculpture well from photographs, but only from one side. It was placed in a corner, too, but it had so many different sides, and they could be seen with best lighting just by turning the socle. It was amazing to find out that I did not know this sculpture at all before I could turn it.

Happily, this can be done easily on the net.

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