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Art Quarter - Enjoy High Quality Original Fine Art, Painting by Werner Stuerenburg

Art Quarter - Enjoy High Quality Original Fine Art, Painting by Pablo Picasso

More pairings in honor of Pablo Picasso here:
Rubens, Renoir, Lindner, Cranach, Kelly, Kandinsky, Modigliani & many others.


Art Quarter - Enjoy High Quality Original Fine Art

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nearly 400 pages, 2000+ files!

My name is Werner Stuerenburg, I am owner and curator for Art Quarter and artist myself (aka Joe). Here in Art Quarter, I offer high quality Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, Posters.

To ease navigation, artists are grouped into 5 galleries specialized to different styles and techniques: Beck (modern), Clay (sculpture), Daguerre (photo), Ingres (realistic), Rousseau (naive).
Or browse all interesting artists young and old from Europe and America offering a wide range of high quality works:
Brennecke, Conant, Harris, Fischer, Navitrolla, Schaefer, Stahl, Stuerenburg.
Do you know my journals? At left, a sample from Pablo Journal 1.1b (honoring P. Picasso), a pairing called "With Golden Child" (one of my own paintings and Picasso's "La Vie").

Dr. Werner Stuerenburg, Owner Art Quarter and Artist

I'm glad you're here!
Many years of my life seem wasted, but whenever I see my paintings again, I feel these were worth a life.
Ask me anytime! +49 5744-5115 74
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I write ... Galleries | Artists | Journals | About | Mission | Site Map ... with a German twist!

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